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Smartawood Range For All Your Sustainable Decking Requirement

Plastecowood has pioneered and developed a unique recycled quality, durable and sustainable wood product Smartawood in the market which is rigid, strong, has high endurance and is long-lasting. The development of this environmental friendly product by utilising plastic waste from landfill has immensely helped in conservation of nature and the surroundings. Almost 700 Kg of carbon can be diverted and reused from landfill for producing 1 tonne of Smartawood. The product has prevented deforestation, cutting of sustainable timber, rot, hygiene issues and infestation.

The plastic wastes from UK are gainfully processed in North Wales, UK to produce versatile utility recycled plastic decking boards, profiles and planks for wide variety of uses. They have been utilised for fencing, boardwalks, decking supports UK, steps and stairs, pallets, stages, platforms, picnic tables, demarcation, playground areas, kick boards and gravel, bollards, planters and raised beds, boxes, cases, carriers and many other utility areas. They have successfully replaced the timber and its external applications from every sphere by beneficially employing Smartawood range.


The company practises a healthy closed loop system by offering an opportunity to the waste management contractors and waste producers to engage in delivering or sustainable circular of depositing waste plastic material and in lieu of that purchasing the Smartwood wide range of products. This closed loop system helps to reduce the carbon footprints from the landfill, reducing heavily disposal costs and acquire conveniently highly economical long-lasting recycled plastic waste. Today, the Smartawood has replaced not only timber but also Virgin plastic, concrete, and metal. This is primarily due to its durability under external conditions, tough and heavy duty applications. The product being maintenance free, vandal resistant, rot free, cost effective, easy to install, fungi resistant, drilling easy, conveniently accept screws for joining, long-life, jet washable and untreated by any chemicals makes it an ideal choice for both commercial and home owners.

Major industries such as Conwy Borough council, International Rail Systems, Petrochemical industry, Garden centres and Nurseries, Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory Trust to name a few have shown keen interest in the recycled plastic decking product and are continuously using them for their various end use applications eliminating the use of sustainable timber any further.

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